Bingolicious Evaluation

Bingolicious is an excellent choice for a bingo site’s name. That is unquestionably a plus for the location. That is when the praise ends and the grilling starts. It would be lovely to be able to write positive things about this site, but considering the state of the location, that is almost impossible. Bingolicious is terrible, no doubt about it. Take a look and decide for yourself. Given the domain’s quality and the site’s name, it’s feasible that the site’s administrators may choose to redesign it in the future. For the time being, you’ll probably want to avoid it. Probably? Certainly acceptable.

The site was launched in 2004 and, although it has been updated sometimes since then, it hasn’t received much attention. Indeed, several aspects of Bingolicious are hilariously poor, but hey, at the very least, the site is capable of giving light pleasure, although for all the wrong reasons. The graphic that tops the site depicts a lady sucking a lollipop with a bingo ball for a head in a provocative way. This woman seems to be a huge bingo fan. Surprisingly, the webpage has virtually nothing else. Indeed, this may be one of the web’s smallest sites, with a content area that barely extends past the fold.

Concerning Bingolicious

Cassava Enterprises Ltd is the firm behind Bingolicious. They are headquartered in Gibraltar and have launched hundreds of sites during the previous decade or so. With so many sites to manage, they may be excused for overlooking some of the older ones. Nonetheless, one can’t help but ask why they don’t shut down sites like these, if only to improve brand image, and concentrate on the ones that perform. Cassava Enterprises is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, as is its parent business, 888 UK Limited.

Entire pages of this site load slowly, contain little content, are unreadable owing to poor design choices, or are lacking in some other manner. This site has a great deal wrong with it and very little good with it. Daub Alderney Ltd, a corporation situated in Alderney in the Channel Islands, is the proprietor of the Bingolicious brand. Take a quick glance at Bingolicious – it won’t take long, given the site’s diminutive size – and you’ll see that every single aspect is out of date or incorrect in some manner. What about the Facebook page? This page was last updated in 2005. What about the Twitter account? You are not interested in learning.

Banking that is Bingolicious

Bingolicious offers the standard banking methods, as shown by the payment provider logos in the site’s bottom. Bingolicious accepts Visa, MasterCard, Entropay, PayPal, Paysafecard, and Neteller. These alternatives will be accessible for deposits, but will also be available for withdrawals, with the exception of Paysafecard, which will be available for deposits only. The minimum withdrawal amount is £30, and withdrawal requests are handled within 48 hours.

After this time period expires, you may expect to get your cash within 2-3 days, as is the case when withdrawing by PayPal, Neteller, or UK MasterCard. Before your first withdrawal request is honored, you may be required to produce identification papers. This seems a little excessive coming from a platform that should be verifying its viability to its players.

There there no bonuses?

This may be the shortest description of a bingo bonus section ever written, simply because there do not seem to be any. Normally, you’d anticipate a match on your initial investment; possibly even 100% to get you started. That is not the case here; in fact, there seems to be no promotions page at all. It’s conceivable that certain promos become visible after signing up and checking in, but it’s difficult to tell for certain, and if you value your time, you’re almost definitely not going to spend it attempting to determine if there is any kind of welcome bonus worth claiming here.